Abraham Lincoln Biography, Quotes and Life History


Abraham Lincoln Biography, Quotes and Life History Abraham Lincoln was America’s 16th President. His tenure lasted from 1861 to 1865. He liberated the people from the practice of slavery in America. He believed that caste, white-black, all are equal, there is no difference between them. Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor black family. He was the first Republican, elected President of the United States. Prior to this he was a lawyer, legislator of the Illinois State, a member of America’s House of Representatives. Abraham Lincoln achieved success with his courage and courage in America’s biggest fight. Abraham Lincoln was an honest and open-minded person, he could not see anybody’s pain.

Abraham Lincoln

In the list below, Abraham Lincoln’s birth, family, achievement and death have been shown

Full NameAbraham Thomas Lincoln
Birth12 February 1809
BirthplaceHodgenville Kentucky (US)
ResidenceGermany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium,United Kingdom, United States
FatherThomas Lincoln,
Mother Nancy
WifeMary Todd
ChildrenRobert, Edward, Willie and Ted
AchievementsAmerica’s 16th President
Death15 April 1865

The entire life story of Abraham Lincoln is based on the following points:

  • Birth
  • Advocacy
  • Politics
  • Presiding
  • Civil war
  • The death

Abraham Lincoln Birth

Abraham Lincoln was born in a people cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky (US). His father, Thomas, was a strong and upright man, and was respectable in society. Abraham had an older sister Sarah and a younger brother Thomas, who died in his childhood. During the dispute of land, Lincoln had to come from Kentucky to Perry County in Indiana in 1817, where his family was living in very difficult circumstances, but Thomas eventually purchased a land.

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When Abraham was 9 years old, his mother died on October 5, 1818, at the age of 34. At that time, his world had been decimated and Abraham was going away from his father and at that time he worked hard. In December 1819, one year after Nancy’s death, Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnson, who was a widow herself and had 3 children. She was a very strong and affectionate woman, she had good bonding with Abraham. Both of them were not much-educated, but Sarah encouraged Abraham to read. Thomas was a farmer, he did not have much money, so Abraham’s studies could not be completed. Another reason was that books were not easily available for reading in Indiana, due to which Thomas had to go a long way in taking books. Abraham completed his studies at home.

Abraham Lincoln Education

In March 1830, Abraham moved to stay in Macon County with his family. Abraham was 22 years old at this time, he came here and started working as a wage labourer. Abraham Lincoln’s height was 6’4 feet and he was lean and tall, but he was very strong with the body. He used to do small jobs at this time, such as a watchman, shopkeeper etc. But in the end, he opened a general store. All this has been going on for years. Abraham Lincoln took the lead in politics in 1837. And he became leader of the Whig Party. Contested many elections but because of not having economic development and justice for the poor, he decided that he would become lawyer and he started studying advocacy.

In 1844, Abraham Lincoln trained advocacy with William Herands and after some time he became a lawyer. They did not earn much money by advocating, but they received mental peace and contentment from their advocacy. In front of this money was of no worth. He was very honest in his work; his stories are still famous.

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At the time of Lincoln’s advocacy, he did not take much money from those who were poor in his own way. Once in one case his fiancée gave him $ 25, but he gave back $ 10 saying that his case only has 15 dollars. Similarly, once after a woman’s case, the lawyer working with him took more money from him, but Abraham asked him to return money. He was a very honest man. He said that “When someone does good, he feels good and feels bad when he does bad” and that was his religion.

Abraham Lincoln political career

In 1854 Lincoln again stepped in politics. Because of politics he stood in many elections. Then he was associated with the Whig Party, but after some time the party was over. In 1856, he became a member of the new Republican. He proved to be a very capable leader of this new party. At this time, he stood for election for the Vice President and he got very few votes.

The nation’s full focus was on the verdict of the violence in Kansas and the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Darede Scott, which was in dispute over the issue of slavery in the new state. People liked Lincoln, because Lincoln did a lot of work to eliminate the practice of slavery in the country. He said in a speech – “There can be no division of the nation, half slaves and half cannot live without slaves, all will remain together”. Seeing Abraham Lincoln’s speech and his work, his name was elected to the US President.

President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States in 1860. Even after being elected President Abraham Lincoln’s attempt was to end the practice of slavery from the nation. The practice of slavery was between South and North states. The white residents of the South State used to call the residents of the northern state for agriculture and wanted to keep them in bondage. But Abraham Lincoln wanted to end the practice of slavery.

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On February 1, 1861, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas separated and a civil war broke out. As the war progressed, Lincoln promised himself and launched an abolitionist movement for the country, and he succeeded in it. In 1863, finally declared mortgage free and became the document of the freedom of Golamo in the state, but in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas, the slaves did not get freedom from the legal battle screw.

Abraham Lincoln made a very important contribution to America’s civil war, which was a battle for his blood, ethics, constitution, and politics. This led him to face many problems.

Abraham Lincoln Civil War

There was a civil war between the North American states and the Southern states, which was to end the practice of slavery. White people from the southern states wanted to call black people from the northern states and make them their hostages forever. The southern state wanted to make a country of its own and the northern state wanted to stay united by eliminating slavery. Meanwhile, a civil war broke out between these two states which lasted from 1861 to 1865, and this civil war won the northern state.

It would not be enough to say that the war was only to eliminate the practice of slavery, but the reason for this war was the result of opposing different ideology. The southern states wanted to make slaves from Africa to be enslaved in the 17th and 18th centuries, and in 1801 the Northern States had made laws against this practice. The inhabitants of the North were progressing very economically in the machine age and their population grew rapidly. But the residents of the South were only based on farming. They did not progress with the era and their population did not grow rapidly.

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The front of the war was three seas, Mississippi Valley and the state of the East coast. On the South Coast, import and export items from Europe were banned and surrendered to the largest city of New Orleans. Even in the Mississippi Valley, the southern state achieved many victories. The beginning of 1863 proved to be very difficult for the North States, but as the war progressed, the battle line was overturned. In 1864, the end of the war began to be visible. The states of the north won, and civil war ended. After the war ended, South states were not strictly adopted and the legislation was made to free slaves by freeing slavery.

Abraham Lincoln Death History

On April 14, 1865, in a Ford cinema in Washington, DC, the well-known actor and co-criminal John Wilkes Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln. In this way, an honest and the country’s most popular President died.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

The following are the precious words of Abraham Lincoln:

  • Most people are happy because they make their brains
  • The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time
  • The character is like a tree and a shadow of prestige. Shadow, which we think about, but the tree is real
  • Whatever I am or what I hope, this is my angel dedicated to Mother
  • Let me cut a tree for 6 hours, within four hours before that I will sharpen the axe
  • You cannot escape today’s responsibility by destroying today
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  • Things can come for those who wait, but only those things which are pungent
  • Finally, there are no counting years in your life. It is life in your years
  • There is a philosophy of the school room in a generation and in the next it will be the government’s philosophy
  • Sir, my interest is not that God is on our side, I am interested in it that we are from God because God is always right
  • I know the best way how I can do the best. I mean I can continue to do this till the end
  • Always keep in mind that your own resolve is more important than anyone else to succeed
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  • Do not worry when you are not recognized, try to be worthy of recognition
  • My biggest concern is not whether you have failed or not, but whether you are satisfied with your failure or not
  • Whoever you are, be a good person
  • Am I not destroying my enemies, when I make them friends?
  • I’m a slow speed driver, but I never walk back
  • Make sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firmly
  • I miss my mother’s prayers and she always comes after me. They have stole all my life
  • A house divided against itself cannot stand
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  • I never had any policy, I just tried to do my best every day
  • Nevertheless, everyone likes
  • The important principle can be sustained and sustainable
  • If there is someone who can do good, then I say let him do it, give him a chance
  • I do not know who my grandfather was, but I want to know what will be his grandson
  • You should see yourself growing, it does not matter how long your grandfather was
  • Do not leave anything for tomorrow, which can be done today
  • A friend is one who is your enemy like yourself
  • The drivers have the ability to describe other people because they see themselves
  • They have the right to criticize, there is a heart to help

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